Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martinís Press


ISBN: 9780312593551

Reviewed by Willow



A case of mistaken identity has Amanda Deveraux waking up, handcuffed to an unconscious god of a man. This was so not the kind of thing that Amanda wants to happen in her life. She is nothing like her flamboyant family. She just wants to have a normal life with a husband and children.

Kyrian of Thrace was once the man that all women wanted and all men respected. Until he was betrayed by the woman he loved and his soul screamed for justice. Now he walks the night in the service of Artemis, protecting humans from soul sucking Daimons. Waking up handcuffed to a woman he wants immediately and who is the only person to ever stand up to him was not part of his plan.

Plans change. As of now, Kyrian and Amanda have to stay alive long enough to get the handcuffs removed, which has to be done by a god, and save the life of Amandaís twin, Tabitha and fall in love and get Kyrianís soul back and defeat Desiderius, a really nasty half god Daimon and come to terms with Amandaís innate untapped powers.

All Amanda ever wanted was a family and a normal life. Kyrianís dream was the same. Fat chance of that when her family is so magically inclined and he walks the night. What are they willing to risk to have that dream?

This is the hardback special edition of the first Dark Hunter novel and itís time to read it if you havenít. And if you have then read it again. It is so worth the second, third or even the tenth time. Kyrian and Amanda are one of my favorite couples in this series. They are so different from each other, the accountant and the Dark Hunter. But itís like they say, opposites attract. And end up having more in common than they thought. I love a happy ending. And I joyfully recommend Night Pleasures.


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