I Can See You by Karen Rose

Grand Central

Sensual Suspense

ISBN 978-0-446-53834-3

Reviewed by Nannette



Eve Wilson survived a brutal attack only to be thrust into danger again two years later. Eve now survives by watching rather than experiencing life. Homicide detective, Noah Webster faces his own demons. A recovering alcoholic, Noah fights the urge to have a drink almost daily as he faces the horrors of his career and his painful past. Noah and Eve are thrust together when a serial killer targets the women in Eveís grad student project. Eve is studying the effect the virtual world can have on improving self esteem. The killer is using the womenís insecurities against them. Noah and Eve are trying desperately to find the killer but the murders are piling up. As they try to solve the case their lives are put in danger when it becomes clear that Eve is the target.

I Can See You is one of those perfect books that I never wanted to see end. I was so drawn into the story and Noah and Eveís lives, I didnít want to leave. At the same time, the suspense was killing me and I needed to see how things would turn out.  Noah is stoic and determined and the fedora he wears as part of the Hat Squad is charming. Eve doesnít stand a chance when he turns his intensity on her. I love the sincerity in which he expresses his feelings for her and that he doesnít give up on her. Eve is such a fighter. Sheís so beautiful, inside and out, but sheís very hard on herself and itís heartbreaking at times. Noah and Eve were merely surviving day to day. They didnít start living again until they connected.  The first time Noah and Eve make love is magical and meaningful. It brought a tear to my eye. I Can See You has excellent characterization, tons of twists and turns, and fantastic suspense. The villain is twisted, sadistic, and fascinating.  I Can See You is extremely well written. From its eerie beginning to its dramatic and exciting ending, itís romantic suspense perfection. There are several characters from I Can See You who definitely have stories to tell. I hope Iíll get to read about them.



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