Gaven by J.C. Owens

Loose Id

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59632-955-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Shy of his 18th year, Gaven finds himself the sole survivor of a bloody battle at the keep he called home.  Gaven is further shocked to learn that he is the reason for the fight.  Unbelievable as it seems he is not the worthless bastard son of a long dead common soldier, but the son of the High Commander of the Masarian army - the enemy.

Not only is Gaven the son of The Warlord, Gareth, but he finds that he has been promised to Vlar, Second in Command who will train him in warfare and bed sport.  Such is the way of the Masarian army.  Gaven does everything in his meager power to deny his parentage and refute Vlarís claim to his body.  Very quickly Gaven reaches the breaking point and the final choice to survive or die.

Gaven skillfully blends non stop action with the angst filled tale of a young hero and compelling secondary characters.  Drama, suspense, and a hauntingly naÔve Gaven keeps the reader firmly in this story.  Passion, as well as other emotions, builds until the satisfying conclusion in Gaven.  There is simply something special about Gaven and his adventures.  Therefore, I Joyfully recommend Gaven.


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