Conventional Wisdom by T.C. Blue

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-769-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Going to one of the SciFi Con events wasnít something actor Lucas Merrifield really wanted to spend his time on, but his manager insisted that it was great publicity for his hit syndicated show.

The convention is close enough for cyber geek and goth Trent Dennis to attend.  Trent canít wait to check out the latest offerings in computer games and maybe see whatís coming on the market soon.  Working at a video store doesnít pay very well, but Trent is dying to look at the latest gadgets and games.

Both arrive at the conference a day early and meet in the hotel bar where they enjoy a Guinness and conversation.  Small talk leads to a night of unexpected true passion between Trent and ĎBill Speareí, the alias Lucas uses in public.  Neither expects the chemistry to be so perfect.  Lucas is torn between telling Trent who he really is and staying quietly in the closet.  Itís just a long weekend, but the feelings are the sweetest thing ever making Lucas wish for the impossible and Trent wish that time would stop, maybe forever.

Conventional Wisdom is white hot sex wrapped inside an entertaining tale of sensual chemistry.  There is something to be said for a story of strangers hooking up in a fresh and inventive way, such is the case in Conventional Wisdom.  While there arenít any surprises here, Conventional Wisdom does have smoking hot sexual encounters, fascinating main characters, engaging secondary characters, and a well developed plot.  Plus, the storyline ends well, yet leaves a great opening for any future adventures between Lucas and Trent.  Conventional Wisdom is sticky and steamy fun. Please can I have more, soon? 


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