Call of the Highland Moon by Kendra Leigh Castle

The MacInnes Werewolves, Book 1

Sourcebooks Casablanca


ISBN: (10) 1402211589 (13) 978-1402211584

Reviewed by Amelia



Bookstore owner Carly Silver is closing up shop one snowy night when she hears a noise outside the back door. She opens it to find a wounded animal on her doorstep. Thinking he is a large dog, she takes him home and tends to his wounds, deciding that he would make the perfect pet. But when she wakes up the next morning she finds a naked man in her bed, and the wounded dog gone from in front of her fireplace.

Werewolf Gideon MacInnes is slated to become the next alpha of his pack in Scotland. Heís not too keen on the idea, and heís taken a trip from home to try and escape his destiny. When two werewolves in New England attack him, he knows itís more than a coincidence. He finds Carlyís shop, and when he sees her he knows heís her mate. But Gideon also knows how things turn out for a werewolf/human love match, and heís not willing to risk Carly to find out if things can work out right.

But trouble is brewing amongst his clan, as his cousin seeks to have Gideon and his father, Duncan, killed so he can take control of the pack, and of the mysterious Stone of Destiny. Can Carly and Gideon be true to their love at the same time an evil force is attacking all they hold dear?

Iíve had Call of the Highland Moon on my TBR pile for a while. This is one of those times that, when I was halfway through the book, I wanted to kick myself for letting it drift farther down the pile.

Carly and Gideonís story is beautifully told, with wonderfully drawn characters and a richly detailed world that pulled me in and never let go. I loved watching these two grow together, and the fact that it wasnít always peaches and cream just added to the wonderful flavor of this tale.

Both Carly and Gideon are strong willed, and that made them a perfect match for each other. The ending of the story kept me glued to my seat, and left me wondering what happened next and where I could get my hands on the next book. When that happens itís always a book I have to tell my friends about.

That makes Call of the Highland Moon a recommended read for me. It is a book that I will place on my keeper shelf and pull out on a cold winterís night to devour once again.


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