Breaking Midnight and Saving Midnight by Emma Holly

Fitz Clare Chronicles, Books 2 & 3


Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-0-425-22867-8; 978-0-425-22904-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Breaking Midnight

His enemies captured Edmund when he foolishly ran off the night he received the surge of power Auriculusí death gave him.  He finds himself in a dungeon, God knows where, being tortured for secrets that he is unable to reveal, because what the torturers seek isnít something Edmund can tell, much less show.  That, however, is no deterrent to his captors who are convinced that Edmund is lying.

The Fitz Clare clan doesnít plan on waiting for the safe return of their patriarch.  Estelle, the unofficial leader of the family, has decided to go after Edmund as she is having extremely lucid dreams that are slowly revealing clues to Edmundís whereabouts.  The men, Graham and Ben, Edmundís grown sons, have no intention of letting Estelle run off on her own to rescue their father, which means, of course, that Sally will be off with them as well.  Now with this small family army in tow, they set off to Europe to track down Edmund.

However, fate has plans for them that they never counted on Ė Graham becoming an Upyr to save his father and then thereís the addition of the mysterious Pen to their group.  Will they reach Edmund in time or will they be too late in spite of all their efforts?


Saving Midnight

Now that Edmund is home safe and sound, they have retreated to an old family home in order to help Edmund come to terms with the fall out of his rescue and his ever-increasing powers.  Not much seems to be going Edmundís way and he is slowly, but surely driving Estelle away Ė the only one that will ultimately help him come back to himself.

In the meantime, attacks of unconscionable brutality have been occurring in America that Graham and Edmund suspect are the acts of Edmundís captors.  Edmund is unable to go with such an unstable control over himself, although Graham, Ben and Sally are more than willing to go in his stead to put a stop to the atrocities occurring. But what do they find once they reach America?  None other than Pen, in the middle of it all, and involved in a secret organization created to protect humans from horrors such as these.  In the end, Graham must decide if he trusts Pen, and himself, enough to have her along on this mission to save humanity from the depravities occurring.

In the end, they might have to sacrifice it all to triumph, but will they be willing or able to do so?


Breaking Midnight and Saving Midnight brings this epic tale that Emma Holly began in Kissing Midnight in such a spectacular fashion that will not only wrap you in the sensuality of the characters, but also have you on the edge of your seat as the mystery and fast paced action rocket explosively from the first page.  Edmund continues to be a fascinating man, full of contradictions and vulnerability.  Estelle becomes, almost by default, the leader of the Fitz Clare clan and becomes the driving force behind Edmundís daring and deadly risky rescue.  The real surprise within both of these novels is the revelation of Edmundís children Ė Graham, Ben and Sally.  Graham is reveled to be a man of strength that is willing to go to any length to protect his family, even so far as becoming an Upyr, something he previously had reviled.  Ben and Sally, inevitably, become each otherís strength as they unite as a couple and the gifts they have received from their proximity to Edmund are revealed.  However, the real surprise in these novels is Pen. The previously vacuous girl-child sheds her dilettante persona and shows herself to be a commando of sorts, more than ready and able to engage in battle against the evil Upyr. As expected from Emma Holly, Breaking Midnight and Saving Midnight are full of sensual moments that will have you reaching for a cool glass of water which serves to not only heighten the suspense and romance, but will leave every fan breathlessly on the edge of their seat waiting for the next move! The set up and detailed development of the Upyr world and the Fitz Clare family is magnificent and it only serves to whet the readerís appetite and leaving you wanting for more after the last page is turned.  Pick up Breaking Midnight and Saving Midnight for a powerfully emotional read that is action packed and steaming hot!  Bravo Ms. Holly, this trilogy is spectacular work!



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