Blue Fire by Z. A. Maxfield

Loose Id

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59632-980-5

Reviewed by Shayna



A raging fire brings the most unexpected of gifts when firefighter Adam Collins rescues Jared Kenny.  Though unable to save Jaredís house, itís the gorgeous, enigmatic man himself who occupies Adamís mind more and more with each passing day.  Taking a chance, Adam brings Jared with him to his familyís cabin in the mountains of Colorado, where close quarters destroy any chance of the pair resisting the desire that burns between them.

Jaredís life has been a mix of chaos and oppression.  He yearns for tranquility, something he only finds in the perfect blue of Adamís eyes.  Finding that perfect shade of blue becomes an obsession for Jared.  In the mountains Jared discovers serenity for the first time in his life, but that peace comes with a price.  Having spent years under the control of another, Jared knows it will take little for him to lose himself in the love Adam offers.  The question is, in order to find who he truly is, will Jared be forced to turn his back on his one chance for happiness?

Z. A. Maxfield takes readers out of the fire and into flames of a most passionate nature in this fantastic story.  Blue Fire is sexy, original, and completely captivating with two utterly irresistible heroes whose road to happiness is anything but simple.

Jared is both unusual and fascinating.  When you first meet him, his life has been upended by the loss of his husband and home.  Heís a man at loose ends, one who has never truly experienced the freedom to find out who he is, for reasons I wonít spoil the book by going into.  Jaredís not exactly likeable at first, but heís not unlikable either.  Heís like the puzzles he puts together Ė beautiful but missing pieces.  I loved watching him learn about himself, work to find who he is even as he falls in love with Adam.  And the firefighter in question?  Heís as comfortable with himself and who he is as his lover is not.  Heís handsome, kind, and patient; a hero worth dreaming of.  Theyíre so unlike one another, yet both Adam and Jared are impossible not to love.  Each grabbed my heart for different reasons and I was enchanted by how Ms. Maxfield brought them together.

Blue Fire is, quite simply, a gorgeous book.  I smiled, I sighed, my heart broke and was put back together all in one sitting.  One read has not been enough; I keep returning to Blue Fire over and over again to enjoy Jared and Adamís story.  Ms. Maxfield is an amazingly gifted writer whose work is as enticing as the characters she creates.  I Joyfully, enthusiastically, Recommend Blue Fire!



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