Vicious Vixen by Shiloh Walker
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-946-8
Reviewed by Indy




Vixen Markham for all intents and purposes is damaged goods.  Once innocent in body, yet guilty on all other levels, she’s one botched job away from a body bag. Growing up in a seedy world where she’s only had to depend on her guts for survival she didn’t realize until it was too late that the unconditional love she had was the real thing. Now living with the blood of her dead lover on her conscience Vixen has one last job to do, one that will finally set her free from the anguish slowing killing her inside.

The only person that can save her is the man whose soul should be crying out for vengeance not trying to save the woman he loved more than life itself. A man on a quest of deliverance, with one last chance to get it right or spend eternity wishing he had.

Dark, dangerous and deadly are three words that come to mind while reading Vicious Vixen. Shiloh Walker has once again shown why she’s an automatic buy with her latest tale about a female assassin and the man who died loving her.  Graeme Mackenzie Lawson is the kind of male lead that sends my body into overdrive. Hard-edged, definitely a bad boy and willing to do whatever it takes to make Vixen feel safe, even though it is by her hand he finds out that hell really does exist. Shiloh Walker did a fantastic job, creating a story with emotional depth that’s so real I felt at times as if I was suffocating from the guilt and regrets being felt by both parties.

Both Vixen and Graeme are characters with painful pasts that at times seem insurmountable which I believe made them just right for each other if that makes any sense at all. I feel life is so much easier when the person you love truly understands, you and your past.

If you are a fan of Shiloh Walker’s work then you won’t be disappointed. And for those who’ve yet to take the plunge but enjoy stories with a heavier feel, then give this novel a try. The realism, sizzling sexual encounters and a plot that stands on its own are just a few reasons why I Joyfully Recommend Vicious Vixen for the month of October.


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