The Nameless God by Emily Veinglory
Loose Id
Gay Historical / Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-59632-734-4
Reviewed by Cassie




Fisk, a lowly hoghand, is horrified when he receives a vision from a god.  Even worse, he falls into the pigpen in the view of a handsome Protector Knight, who helps him up and insists he receive medical care.  He warns the knight, Levin, of impending danger, not expecting the man to heed his words.  Then Fisk loses his position and is banished from the throneland.  As he trudges toward the city his god has ordered him to, Levin overtakes him.  Having listened to Fisk’s warning, and saved the life of his mentor, Levin has now been instructed to serve as Fisk’s protector.  Fisk and Levin set off to journey, as the god has instructed, to CliffHaven.  With the increasingly frightening visions weakening Fisk, and the danger they face growing, will Fisk and Levin survive long enough to explore their feelings for each other?

The Nameless God is one of the best fantasy stories I’ve read in a long time.  A difficult life has made Fisk cynical, mistrusting the motives of richer and more powerful people.  He also has a set view of his place in the world—being a prophet is not it, in his mind.  Because of his beliefs, learning to trust Levin is difficult for Fisk.  Levin, on the other hand, has a great deal of faith in his goddess and his place in the world, making it easy for him to accept his new position as Fisk’s protector.  The journey the two men undertake in order to follow the will of Fisk’s nameless god is dangerous, partly because of the devastating effect the visions have on Fisk’s body.  Through it all, Fisk is determined to fulfill the duty that has been forced upon him, no matter what the cost to himself.  Everything about The Nameless God, including the characters, the setting, the conflict, and the love scenes, is well-written.  While readers shouldn’t expect a light or simple read, the storyline is compelling.  In fact, I read the book in one setting because I had to know how it ended.  When I reached the end, I felt as if I’d gone through the journey with Fisk and Levin.  I was also a little sad, because the story was over.  I am happy to Joyfully Recommend The Nameless God.  I also have to say I hope Emily Veinglory plans to write more stories set in this world, because I think there are a great many stories waiting to be told. 


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