The Lost Temple of Karttikeya by Laura Baumbach
MLR Press
LGBT Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-934531-93-1
Reviewed by Jo




Brandon King, as a cop, should have been able to see the signs of an abusive relationship, but itís really hard to see what is going on with yourself.  Now he not only has to face this, but take in the fact that his lover and partner just wants to keep him on the side as a hidden secret.  Brandon still does not want to believe he was just a guilty pleasure to be easily discarded, and when a chance to get his heartís desire comes his way, Brandon decides to try and keep his lover. 

Christian Carter is the hunkiest archaeologist that Brandon has ever met.  Brandon needs Christianís help if he is to find the temple and make it safely into and out of the jungles of India.  Christian eagerly agrees to accompany Brandon on this quest, but he has more reasons other than wanting to get to know Brandon better and the thrill of finding the unknown.  These other reasons he is keeping from Brandon for now. 

Brandon quickly finds that Christian is more than he hoped to find in a lover and finally accepts that his prior relationship was a mockery of love.   Passion brings out feelings that just might be forever, when Brandon learns of Christianís other reason for coming.  Not wanting to be used again, but wanting to give the benefit of doubt, the journey continues.  Finding the temple and getting inside means danger and possible, maybe probable, death for both.  The budding love between Brandon and Christian just might be the key to let them achieve their heartís desire, if they can trust each other enough.

It is almost impossible to describe all the emotions that The Lost Temple of Karttikeya makes you feel.  I will say that Brandon had me from the very beginning and I just wanted to see him find the real love that seemed to escape him.  Then there was Christian who showed Brandon the wonder of a real love and relationship.  There were times that I wanted to hug both of them and then I wanted to turn around and slap them both for being so stupid.  I watched as Brandon and Christian discovered passion, found love, and almost lost it, fight for it, and finally observe just what the miracle of a true heartís desire can bring. 

Ms. Baumbach brought Brandon and Christian not only to life, but made them people I would love to know.  That alone show the quality of the words and how they were put together.  When the strength of emotions, which leap off the pages at you, are considered and added to the mix, there is very little doubt that I would consider The Lost Temple of Karttikeya one of the best books I have read in a while.


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