The Flavor of Summer by Lyra Marlowe
Loose Id
BDSM Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-750-4
Reviewed by Shayna




The first time David Green saw Ariel Sanborn she was pinned against the lockers in the midst of an erotic encounter.  Ten years later at their high school reunion, neither David nor Ariel has forgotten the instant attraction that sparked between them that day.  But Davidís a tax accountant who thinks heís as ordinary as they come and Arielís still the sexual free spirit she was in high school.  They couldnít be more different, but David is no longer willing to deny his desire for Ariel and she, in turn, wants to be sexually dominated by him.  With the help of the Internet, an experienced Dom willing to give advice, and a healthy dose of red-hot lust, David soon finds he more than enjoys being what Ariel needs.  Yet even as the summer heats up, will their fledgling relationship survive their nerves, fears, and the disapproval of their classmates?

Every so often you come across a book that just grabs your attention and doesnít let go; The Flavor of Summer is such a book for me.  I admit, I must have re-read this book a dozen times in the couple of weeks Iíve had it.  It isnít just the bookís ďsexy factorĒ which pulls me to it, though Ms. Marlowe dishes that out in spades.  What continually draws me to The Flavor of Summer is that the book has heart.  Quite simply, David and Ariel are lovable characters and I keep returning to their story out of a fondness for them.

Make no mistake,  this book is scorchingly hot.  David and Ariel heat up the page so much Iím surprised my screen doesnít have burn marks.  While categorized under the general umbrella of BDSM, The Flavor of Summer is actually a light D/s book.  I was impressed with the attention Ms. Marlowe paid to safety, comfort, and education of the D/s lifestyle.  Itís rare to see such topics given more than a cursory glance in the name of fantasy. Ms. Marlowe takes the time to weave in such topics as David learns about becoming a Dom, giving the book a more complete feeling without ever detracting from the story itself.

I Joyfully Recommend The Flavor of Summer.  Ms. Marlowe skillfully blends emotion, passion, nerves, and trust to present a tale of love and acceptance.  Both David and Ariel were bound by what they and others thought they were and, together, discovered so much more about themselves.  A beautiful, sexy story, I cannot get enough of The Flavor of Summer.


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