Tequila Truth by Mari Carr
Samhain Publishing
ISBN:  1-60504-218-8
Reviewed by Jambrea




Kylie, Colt, and Heath have been playing Tequila Truth since college, but on Heath’s twenty-fifth birthday, the game is about to change.  When Heath asked about an ultimate fantasy, only the truth can be told, one shot at a time.  When Kylie expresses an interest in ménage with bondage and spanking, the boys might just have to make her fantasy a reality.

When Colt and Heath plan a weekend of sex between the three friends, will their friendship survive the light of Monday?

Tequila Truth made me drunk with happiness with none of the nasty hangover blues.  Oh, my God, Mari Carr knows how to write them hot and sexy. 

Kylie knows she wants Colt and Heath, but thinks she can never have them.  Colt and Heath are so protective and love Kylie that it shines through the pages.  The three of them are so perfect together with each of them having their own strengths to bring to the relationship. 

I loved this friendly threesome so much that I am Joyfully Recommending Tequila Truth and hope everyone takes a shot.


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