Teacher's Pet by Syd McGinley
Torquere Chaser: Lost and Found Book 3
Torquere Press
BDSM Contemporary  m/m
ISBN: 978-1-60370-460-1
Reviewed by Beth Anne




The long awaited continuing story of Dr. John Fell and his reawakening into a new relationship.  The story opens with our hero at a shopping mall (“the tenth circle of hell” cracks me up!) doing his friend Ben a favor, by helping Ben out with his holiday shopping.   Dr. Fell runs into a prior student, the sparks fly and explode off the page.  Our erstwhile favorite scrooge agrees to “dating” Dave, and an emotional rollercoaster is in store for them both.

Dave is so perfect for Dr. Fell.  New to a “Boys” life as a sub, Dave is strong enough to stand on his own and provide Dr. Fell with challenges, intrigue, and excitement.  All through the Teacher’s Pet, I just wanted to reach out and shake Dr. Fell, and say “don’t screw this up, this could be IT”!  While at the same time, my soul ached for Dr. Fell’s own emotional upheaval and scars from losing his first love, Rob.  And of course, our beloved Dr. Fell never can do anything by half measures, and rises to the challenge of meeting his demons head on!  His course of action shouldn’t be surprising for a Dom, maybe, but it surprised me.  I have enjoyed the trials and tribulations of Dr. Fell, the characters like Twink, Ben, and all the boys at Dr. Fell’s cabin, and easily Joyfully Recommend!


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