Nice and Naughty by Jayne Rylon
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-60504-251-X
Reviewed by Vivian




Alexa is the typical high-powered executive in the boardroom.  But a chance meeting with a motorcycle riding stranger changes Alexaís outlook.  Since she never thought sheíd see him again, she lets go of any inhibitions she might have had and indulges in an encounter on the hood of her sports car.

Justin didnít get to find out who Alexa was, but as fate stepped in, Justinís brother Jason got to meet her and find out who she was.  A case of corporate espionage sends them all on a wild adventure.  Falling in love with two men wasnít part of the deal.

Nice and Naughty starts out with a great motorcycle/car race.  Alexaís first meeting with Justin was incredibly sexy.  A case of mistaken identity puts her into contact with Justinís twin brother Jason.  Jayne Rylonís super alpha twins were so smoking hot.  Justinís bad boy persona and Jasonís practical nature complimented Alexa.  Alexa has got to be the luckiest woman in the world.  With some amazing sex scenes and some really fast-paced action, Nice and Naughty will keep you glued to your seat.  Ms. Rylon has outdone herself with Nice and Naughty and I am Joyfully Recommending it.


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