New World by C.S. Chatterly
Fantasy, Ménage
ISBN: 978-1-906590-23-9
Reviewed by Tanya




Falon March has decided that she is going to take a chance and invite a mate to Earth to be her Husband.  Not everyone is willing to take an extraterrestrial to bed but then getting to know Zane while is he on his voyage to Earth she knows she has made the right decision.  She finds all the passion she has ever desired in Zane’s arms and all goes well until one day when she sees a transmission and rather than confront her husband, she jumps to conclusions.  While it takes a while to sort out what has happened and many broken hearted months, other events are brewing to keep the new couple from peaceful bliss. 

Zane is asked to join the Earth protection forces, which was a lifestyle he had hoped to leave behind.  But he knows that he has the knowledge that might help to save Earth from an impending attack by the ruthless raiders that almost took his life before.  He has come to Earth to live a peaceful life in a contract marriage.  Zane is experiencing things for the first time in life that he never though he would ever have, a mate and amazing wife and suddenly he is “having his cycle” about 15 years after he thought he would ever have it and it might cost him the one woman he really loves.

Will Fallon and Zane work things out and believe their hearts before the fierce battle that is soon to come?  And more importantly will they and their friends and family make it through the battle?

What a fantastic futuristic world.  That is the firs thing that comes to mind when I think of New World by C.S. Chatterly.  I would love to spend a couple of hours in her imagination as she takes a new and different look at just how different non human species might look, where the similarities would be, and would not be.  I was drawn into this story at the beginning and it kept me until the end.  I am not sure there is a hotter man in fiction out there than Zane, with the wings and other appendages.  You do need to know there is an M/M scene as part of the story, and as part of a species maturing.  Ms. Chatterly’s concept of how Earth will evolve in the future was a new and interesting one for me, we do mess things up, but then figure out how to fix them.  I also am interested in the different species and how long she thought it would take to get to earth, no instant transport here.  If you are a fan of Sci-Fi/fantasy romance you need to make sure you add New World to your collection.  I felt that New World needed to be Joyfully Recommended, and look forward to more stories by Ms. Chatterly.


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