Mating Claire by Jenny Penn
Sea Island Wolves, Book 1
Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1-60601-058-1
Reviewed by Lisa




On the trail of a serial killer and a demon, Claire Hallowell, at one time with the FBI and now with Masters of Cerberus, has taken the false identity of Dorothy Walker, the assistant to Police Chief Derek Jacob in a backwater South Carolina town.

 Alpha wolf to the Narian clan now, Derek had found a mate when he was just a young man. Someone murdered Kathleen and their unborn child and has never been found. 

Derek had been out of town, but once he meets Claire/Dorothy he is captivated by his new curvy, sexy assistant and his second chance at happiness because she is his mate.  As skillful as she is, Claire is ‘outed’ by Derek whose persistence knows no bounds in his quest to have Claire as his mate.  Meanwhile, Claire is trying to protect Derek from the demon Agakiar who considers Claire his own property.  Danger seems to be everywhere they turn.  Do they dare risk everything for a future together, for love?

Mating Claire is a strong, well-plotted, totally fun and sexy paranormal romance. Readers will find it difficult to put down!  Alpha wolf Derek is domineering, possessive and tender (yum) while Claire is tough, smart and somewhat naïve about romance and true love.  Also, the cast of secondary characters enriches the story and makes Mating Claire a more realistic paranormal tale.  The only glitch is that it could use better proof reading, though this did not detract from the tale.  Mating Claire is a thoroughly enjoyable and sizzling story from start to finish.  Therefore I Joyfully Recommend Mating Claire!


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