Master of the Elements by Alice Gaines
Red Sage Publishing
Paranormal, Fantasy
ISBN: 9781603101325
Reviewed by Patrice F.




Once every 100 years, the island folk must sacrifice a virgin to the Master of Elements in exchange for safe seas and temperate weather.  Since she was a child, Elsbeth knew the day would come when she would give her life for the sake of her people.   She doesnít know what to expect because the young women that are sacrificed are never heard from again.  Yet nothing could prepare her for what she finds. 

The Master of the Elements is intrigued by the brave and bold Elsbeth.  For centuries, he has lived alone as the protector of the island and its people.   Many women have come and gone, but this time everything is different, especially in what he feels for Elsbeth.

This wonderfully descriptive story is set in an ancient gothic castle of magic and mystery.  The passionate intimacy between Elsbeth and the Master is built upon and tended in every scene.  Itís moving when an author can bridge a connection between the reader and her characters.  Everything that happens unfolds slowly page by page until you become a part of their world.  

Master of the Elements is a tender and sensual love story that has a timeless quality.  It reminds us that love can be the ultimate salvation between two people.   After reading this story, youíll be reminded why you first started reading romance and continue to do so.  I strongly suggest that you snatch up this inspiring fantastic tale.


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