Love Most Inconvenient by D.J. Manly
Liquid Silver Books
M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59578-485-8
Reviewed by Ley




‘No Vacancy’

Manuel had a rough night, and coming home to find himself locked out of his apartment seemed a fitting way the end the night, if only it was the end to the night.  The night actually gets worse when he’s attacked with a bat by a stranger sleeping his bed.

‘No Vacancy’ is fun from beginning to end.  Manuel and John are too funny for words and such a wonderful pair together.  I was very entertained by ‘No Vacancy’.


‘Right Before My Eyes’

Paul was in love with Marco from the moment he laid eyes on him, but he was afraid of Marco’s heartbreaker reputation and becoming just another notch on the dropped dead gorgeous DJ’s bedpost.  When circumstances arise and Paul finds himself sharing living space with Marco his will to resist him just may be wearing thin.

‘Right Before My Eyes’ is sweet.  I adored Marco, it was obvious how much he cared for Paul but Paul listened to his fears instead of his heart.  Ironically it wasn’t Marco who caused Paul heartbreak but it was Paul who was breaking Marco’s heart.  ‘Right Before My Eyes’ is a terrific story and my favorite of this anthology.


‘My Name is Dane’

Taking queues from his older brother Frankie, Mark helps Frankie kidnap the guy who got their sister pregnant only to find they kidnapped the wrong man. 

Hilarity is the name of the game in this slapstick story of mistaken identity gone awry.  ‘My Name is Dane’ is too funny, beginning and ending with Mark’s crazy family.  Dane seemed to fit in just right with Mark and his crazy family.


Love Most Inconvenient is an awesome anthology – every story was fun, and entertaining.   Love Most Inconvenient shows that love can occur in the most inconvenient times but under some convenient circumstances, all you have to do is open yours eyes.  Love Most Inconvenient is an enjoyable anthology and I Joyfully Recommend it.


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