Forget About Tomorrow by Liz Kreger
A Part of Tomorrow, Book 1
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-459-8
Reviewed by Beth Anne




Victor MacNaught, known as Mac, days away from marrying, discovers his fiancée in bed with another man.  He’s decided to get away on his own, leaving the fiancée to clean up the mess with friends and relatives.  What he doesn’t plan on, is meeting Larissalyia Ashanti, a Kadorian and daughter of Lazarus Elinnis Ashanti, Chief Magistrate of the Federation of Worlds (FOW).  As Larissalyia and her bodyguard Tutsi are attacked, Mac comes to their aid and forces are tentatively joined against the alien attackers.

In Forget About Tomorrow, evil villains, space-age mobsters, sci-fi gadgets, paranormal eye changing color, and the ability to release pheromones increasing the sexual tension and awareness of both individuals, is told in a delightful manner with descriptive detail and engaging dialogue.  The men are strong with the right kind of domination, and the women are independent, fierce, and seductive, and the off world planets are amazing!  I enjoyed getting lost in the lives of Mac and Lacey and their adventures in intergalactic business and watching them stay a step ahead of the bad guys.  Forget About Tomorrow is a Joyfully Recommended Read.


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