Fairy Dreams by Brenna Lyons
Mundania Press
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59426-394-1
Reviewed by Patrice F.




Mollie is a world-weary businesswoman who decides to return to the estate that has belonged to the Blake woman for generations.  Cadal has always been a friend and adviser to the family.  He agrees to attend the estate until Mollie arrives, and to also assist her until she is capable of running it on her own.  From the first moment, Mollie is consumed by her attraction to Cadal.  He distances his emotions, aware of the obstacles between them, but is not free to reveal them to Mollie.   For the time being, Cadal must remain to protect and help Mollie fight a neighboring land owner intent on forcing her to sell her property to him.

The trials and tribulations that follow bring them closer together until it becomes harder and harder to resist what they feel.  However, their joining will not be easy, if at all feasible.

Fairy Dreams can best be described as a slice of life drama loaded with romance and fantasy.   Ms. Lyons offers a fabulous account of what it means to be Human and Fairy by examining both sides of the fence with clarity.  She doesn’t make excuses for the ugliness in the Human world, nor does she gloss over the faults found with the Fairies.  The story illustrates the benefits of Humans and Fairies, their strengths and weaknesses, and the ability for both races to evolve, learn, and grow.  It explores the healing powers of love, forgiveness, sacrifice, and acceptance.

Mollie and Cadal are perfect characters to follow on this journey.  I found the loving progression of their relationship to be passionately compelling.  I became involved, and was fascinated by the differences between Humans and Fairies.

This novel is a must read for fans of romance and fantasy.  Readers leaning more towards contemporary drama will dive right in.  The social and psychological concerns are given a modern examination that will keep you glued to the pages.   Fairy Dreams is a credit to the author and the publisher in its quality and content, which is why I can recommend this book with complete confidence.


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