Dress to Impress by Jodi Payne
Torquere Press
Kinky Contemporary (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-298-0, 1-60370-298-9
Reviewed by Sabella




The last thing that Matt expected when he went into his favorite watering hole was to find Erik, a man that the bartender tells him to be careful of, who pushes all his sexual buttons and interests Matt outside of the bedroom.  But what is Matt supposed to do when all Erik wants to do is play his games and have nothing to do with anything deeper?

Erik is all about games – dressing up like a surfer, a Goth dude, playing the sexy nerd or the nervous virgin.  And while Erik plays all his games well and to the enjoyment of all his partners – including Matt, he has no interest in taking it any further.  After all, he’s a pretty boring guy and no one has really pushed hard enough to get to know him, at least enough for Erik to reconsider his rules.  But Matt has other ideas, ideas that make Erik nervous enough without the risk of it all becoming something deeper than Erik has any idea on how to handle.

Wow – I think I’m still sweating from reading Dress to Impress!  Jodi Payne wrote an absolute scorcher of a story that packs as much emotion as it does heat.  Matt will pull you in with his unrelenting “normal-ness” while Erik intrigues from his very first appearance on the page with his flare for play.  Pick up Dress to Impress when you are in the mood for a steamy romance with an interesting twist and kink.  Dress to Impress is a great story that is just the ticket for a day that you are looking for a tale that will distract you from everyday life and turn up the heat!


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