Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken
Dragon Kin, Book 1
ISBN: (10) 1420103733  (13) 978-1420103731
Reviewed by Amelia



“Dragon Actually”

Annwyl the Bloody seeks to defeat her half-brother, Lorcan, and take over his throne. Injured while fighting a battle, she’s surprised to wake up to a dragon, who knows how to talk. Fearghus the Destroyer nurses her back to health, and then falls for her.

What Annwyl doesn’t know is that Fearghus is a shifter, who sits and talks with her by night and, while in his human form, helps her train for battle by day. Annwyl has fallen for both her men, but what will she do when she learns they are one and the same?

“Dragon Actually” is an engaging tale. I loved Fearghus, in both his forms, and the way he handled Annwyl, who is certainly a handful. Add numerous brother and sister dragons to our hero and heroine and you have an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. The love is hot and genuine and made me wish for a fan; and the battle scenes are realistic and cringe producing.  This novella is definitely a hot, engrossing read.


“Chains & Flames”

Princess Rhiannon, First Born of the Dragon Queen, has never had a good relationship with her mother. But when the Queen promises to mate her daughter to Bercelak the Great, Rhiannon is appalled. She doesn’t want anything to do with the lowborn dragon.

Bercelak has been in love with Rhiannon for years. And he gladly accepts the queen’s offer. But Rhiannon fights against the claiming, telling Bercelak her mother wants nothing more than to see her dead. Will Rhiannon learn to trust Bercelak, and will she learn to love him?

“Chains & Flames” is a wonderfully written story that kept me engrossed from first to last. Rhiannon and Bercelak are perfect together, and getting a glimpse into their early days was pure entertainment that kept me fully engrossed. Of course they go on to have many hatchlings, including Fearghus. Seeing the beginnings of the dragon family made me laugh, and sigh with delight.


Dragon Actually is great combination of two tales to start off a new series. The dragons in these stories, both male and female, are strong and not afraid to stand up for what they want.

The thing I love most about these stories was the feelings the dragons, and humans, had for each other. They are witty and loving, and can be very sarcastic, but the love they have for each other always shows. Knowing this is the first in a series made me happy. I can’t wait for the rest of them to come along. I Joyfully Recommend this book to lovers of paranormal romance. Make sure you get in on the ground floor of this new series.


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