By A Silken Thread by MK Mancos
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal/Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-60504-198-X
Reviewer: Melissa




When Tara Johanan’s car goes off an icy road, she’s so close to death that no one really expects her to survive. But while she’s fighting for her life, she otherworldly meets Charlotte Durand, a woman who at the same moment Tara had her accident was attacked and shot in the head. Although Tara recovers in time, Charlotte remains in a coma and now Tara is driven by the memories she shares with Charlotte to find out who tried to kill Charlotte. To do that Tara meets with Charlotte’s family, including her step-brother, Detective Marcus Danforth who is also searching for the person who tried to kill his sister. But passion explodes between Tara and Marcus, complicating an already twisted situation because Charlotte’s assailant is now targeting Tara, and Tara also knows that once she tries to tell Marcus the truth about how she knows so much about Charlotte things will change forever between them.

The more I read By A Silken Thread the more I enjoyed it! MK Mancos does an awesome job of keeping the reader guessing as to the identity of Charlotte’s attacker, all the while stoking the emotional roller coaster of emotions between Tara and Marcus. I can only hope that MK Mancos intends to write another book for some of the other characters in By A Silken Thread. Definitely a story to keep you obsessively turning the pages. By A Silken Thread has me adding MK Mancos to my list of must read authors!


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