Black Point by A. J. Llewellyn & D. J. Manly
eXtasy Books
Gay Contemporary
ISBN:  978-1-55487-124-7
Reviewed by Jambrea




Matt is a rising star in the romance community.  He writes in the gay erotic genre and shares an online friendship with Rose who just so happens to be the top gay erotic romance writer in America.  Their friendship starts to take a turn, but Matt is unsure of himself because he is gay and these feelings for a straight woman canít be right.  Can they?

Rose has a secret.  She is falling for Matt, but that isnít the biggest secret.  She is really a he named Thomas.  His publisher wonít let him reveal that Rose is just a pen name and that he is a man for fear it will cost him readers.  Living with the secret is heartbreaking, but things are about to change when the two meet at a writersí conference.

Will Roseís secret drive the two apart before they even have a chance at happiness?

Black Point is everything I hoped it would be and more.  A. J. Llewellyn and D. J. Manly write about something that could be a page from one of their journals.  They take a story that could happen in todayís society and make it come to life with their wonderfully magical words.  This is a very real and with-the-times story that belongs on everyoneís keeper self.

Matt is heartbreakingly wonderful in his struggle to understand his feelings not only for someone he has never met, but for a woman.  Thomas is just as heartbreaking as he deals with his secret and the fact that he has growing feelings for someone who might never know who he really is.

Watching these two struggle and come to terms not only with themselves, but with each other made me want more and that is why I am Joyfully Recommending Black Point.  I hope Mr. Llewellyn and Mr. Manly have plans for more collaboration, because this one was such a hit.  I canít wait to see what they can come up with next.


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