Beyond the Reef by A.J. Llewellyn
eXtasy Books
M/M Fantasy, Paranormal
ISBN:  978-1-55487-107-0
Reviewed by Jambrea




Tony Kaven is on location in the most beautiful place in the world, Hawaii.  But things keep going wrong until he wishes for the man of his dreams.  When Frank shows up in his shower claiming to be the man he wished for, will Tony believe him?  Will he have faith in Frank and have the future he always dreamed of?

Beyond the Reef is bold, raw, sexy, and A.J. Llewellyn’s best book yet.  He took the tortured Tony with all his insecurities and gave him just what he needed, a man to love.  This story had raw hot sex, but it also had some wonderfully tender moments that made my heart ache for Tony.  The ending was fabulous and had me ending the story on a happy sigh so I am Joyfully Recommending Beyond the Reef. 


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