A Question of Trust by Jess Dee
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance, Red Hots
ISBN: 1-60504-250-1
Reviewed by Vivian



Maggie thinks she’s got a good thing going with her current boyfriend Gabe.  But when he introduces her to his best friend Connor, things really heat up.  Maggie is torn between being with her sexy boyfriend and her new found attraction to Connor.  But the men don’t seem to mind sharing her.

Threesomes can become difficult, where people’s feelings can get hurt.  What’s a girl to do?  Do what’s right and fight her attraction to Connor?  Or should she follow her heart?

A Question of Trust shows why Jess Dee is on my auto-buy list.  Ms.Dee has written a fantastically sensual ménage story.  She writes so much emotion into Maggie’s turmoil over finding another man attractive.  I loved that Maggie didn’t just jump into bed with Connor.  She really respected Gabe’s feelings.  But when he gave her the go ahead to be with Connor, oh boy, things really got steamy!  The three of them were an explosive combination.  Sure, A Question of Trust is packed full of great sex, but it’s filled with emotion too.  It is my pleasure to Joyfully Recommend A Question of Trust.


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