Wicked Deeds on a Winterís Night by Krelsey Cole
The Immortals After Dark Series, Book 4
Pocket Star
Paranormal Romance
ISBN-10: 1416509887
ISBN-13: 978-1416509882
Reviewed by Barb




Mariketa The Awaited, is half fey-druidess and half warlock. A powerful combination. At twenty-three, she is one of the more crafty, powerful, and ruthless witches in her coven. When she decides to work for something she works hard. She is willing to do what it takes to win the Hie competition and prove herself.

Bowen MacRieve, Bowe, lost his mate almost 200 years ago. Since then he has searched for a way to bring her back. The years have turned him into a hard, ruthless killer, willing to do whatever it takes to complete his self-imposed goals. Women still lust after him as he is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. The only women truly safe from him are witches. The proto-Valkryie Nix has told him that he will get his mate back if he enters the Hie competition.

As competitors in the Hie competition, both will do whatever it takes to win. But will it be what they want? Is not losing yet another way of winning?

A fast-paced, amusing, passionate, steamy novel of stubbornness versus lust. From the beginning of Wicked Deeds on a Winterís Night, the reader is drawn into the tale of two strong personalities striving to balance their own love and lust with preconceived notions of their families and friends. The attraction between the two is sultry and intense.. Ms. Cole keeps the readerís attention from the first chapter and does not let it go. When I found myself on the last page, the only thought running through my head was ďmore, please, moreĒ. I recommend this book highly.

Wicked Deeds on a Winterís Night is Book 4 of the The Immortals After Dark Series but can be read alone.


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