Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard
Ballantine Books
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0-345-48652-3
Reviewed by Nannette




Bailey Wingate is in charge of the massive fortune her late husband Jim left behind. Her selfish and greedy stepchildren, Seth and Tamzin, hate her because of it.

Cameron Justice and Bret Larsen are best friends and owners of J&L Executive Air limo.  The Wingates use J&L professionally and personally.  Bret is supposed to fly Bailey to Denver but at the last minute, he gets sick and Cam has to take his place.  Cam is not looking forward to the five hour flight with the frosty ice princess, Mrs. Wingate. Partway through the flight, something goes terribly wrong and the planes crashes.

Cam and Bailey survive the crash, but can they survive alone in snow-covered mountains in freezing temperatures? As the days progress, Cam realizes he greatly misjudged Bailey and starts falling for her. Bailey has always guarded her heart but finds that her feelings for Cam are too intense to ignore.

Cam discovers that someone tampered with the plane. But who? And why? And can they make it off the mountain to find out?

Linda Howard pens another outstanding novel with Up Close and Dangerous, one with mystery, romance, and a fight to survive.  The account of Cam and Bailey’s survival on the mountain is realistic and riveting, and the romance is intense and sensual.  Up Close and Dangerous has a fantastic storyline as well as strong characterization. I was riveted to Up Close and Dangerous until its surprise and exciting conclusion! 


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