To Love A Cowboy by Rhianne Aile
Two story anthology
Dreamspinner Press
Gay, Cowboy
ISBN: 978-0-9795048-8-4
Reviewed by Raine




To Love A Cowboy

Patrick Lassiter has fought against the chemistry between himself and Roan Bucklin for years. While Roan had gone off to college and made the circuit working other ranches, it was easy to just fantasize about him. Now, Roanís back and heís all grown up. Roan has made it known that he wants him, but Patrick has always been bothered by their age difference and fears Roan will eventually move on to someone younger thus breaking his heart. Patrickís self-control is wavering though and he finds himself wanting to claim Roan for his own.

Rhianne Aileís To Love A Cowboy is spectacular. The magnetism between Patrick and Roan will sweep you up and turn you inside out as your heart melts. To Love A Cowboy is laced with edginess, laden with passion and will make your heart soar.



An outlaw named Elias murdered Adam, Noah and Nathanialís parents. The three brothers have been tracking Eliasís movements, trying to catch him and exact fitting retribution. Their travels bring them to a small town named Justice, and the boys feel theyíve finally found somewhere, once they settle their score with Elias, they can call home. The locals donít seem to mind that all three men prefer men for companionship; in fact they seem to revel in it.

Justice is set in the old west where hotel owners bring hot bath water to the rooms and barkeepers buy your first drink to welcome you to town. Ms. Aile outdid herself in this lovely story about three brothers in search of justice and in finding it they also find love. 


I absolutely loved To Love A Cowboy and feel if you love a great read with sexy cowboys, this book is a MUST. Both stories are western tales that are bound to satisfy your craving for Stetsons, work-roughened hands, men in saddles and of course men loving men.


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