Squeeze Play by Kate Angell
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 0505-52667-0
Reviewed by Tanya




Jacy is a high-energy, free-spirited woman who has loved Risk for years.  When Risk decides to come back to their hometown for an entire month, Jacy is a bit nervous that she won’t be able to keep her secret from him.  For more than 12 years, he has been her “rebound” lover; whenever she breaks up with someone, he flies in and helps her pick up the pieces.  The problem is that he is the only lover she has ever had, and she’s afraid that when he finds out he will run like the wind, while Jacy wants to keep him all to herself.  Risk is wondering if Jacy is the one he is willing to dedicate all of his homeruns to and be the one he runs home to.  The time in November will hopefully help him decide this.  They are so explosive together, but will they both let their guards down enough to let their hearts talk?

Zen Driscoll, the team’s shortstop, is kidnapped by Risk when he heads home, for the month and the charity event.  Well, not kidnapped, but a ride to the grocery store in Richmond happens via Florida.  Zen is amused when he learns he is to be part of a charity event that weekend.  The thing that intrigues him even more is Jacy’s best friend and worker in her coffee shop, Stevie.  She can match him on baseball statistics and physically sets him on fire.  Unfortunately, Stevie is taken, and it will remain to be seen whether the rumors about her long-time boyfriend are true or not.  If the locker room rumors are true, that her boyfriend has actually gotten engaged to someone else, then she is going to need a friend more than a horny baseball player. Can he fit the bill?

Squeeze Play is going onto my keeper shelf. I highly recommend this book to all contemporary romance readers.  Kate Angell is an absolutely fantastic author who magically intertwines the lives and stories of three couples into one novel with enough originality that makes me wonder where she is getting her ideas.  I am not even a fan of baseball but I could see how the ‘Bat Pack’ would make any sane person laugh. At the same time, I know people who would line up for hours for service like that offered at Jacy’s Java.  The author keeps the story realistic in ways that many wouldn’t take the time to remember, such as how a hamstring or cracked rib injury might hamper the finer movements of sex, but not keep the people out of the game all together.  If you like Deidre Martin’s hockey series, Susan Elizabeth Phillip’s football players then you will love Squeeze Play.  Ms. Angell you hit this one out of the park!!  I am now heading out, no make that running out, to purchase all of her other stories that I missed.


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