Raina’s Fantasy by Jo Carlisle
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781419913303
Reviewed by Lisa




With no where to go and no one to turn to, Johan Stone and Zane Ramsey allow themselves to be bought and sold as slaves, for life.  Zane is extremely ill with pneumonia and Johan can only pray to the gods above that their new owner will be humane to them.

Queen of the Vampires, Raina Zharov takes one look at the pair of men on stage hanging in chains nude, oiled and gorgeous, and knows that she must have them.  Raina then proceeds to outbid everyone else to have them, including her nemesis, the Demon King Drakkon.  It’s her millennium birthday and by gods she wants these two as her present to herself.

Luckily for Johan and Zane the tall, red-headed knockout vampire queen is tough but compassionate as well.  With Raina’s help the two hope to prove that Drakkon is behind the death of five women and the men loosing their place as Warriors of Exodus.  Drakkon has no intention of loosing his power base or letting anyone bring him to justice.  The race is on to uncover the truth or die trying.

Raina’s Fantasy is the real deal, a complete treat from start to finish!  Sizzling sex scenes, wonderful characters and a fantastic plot gave me a story I wished never ended.  Jo Carlisle knows her stuff and gives readers vampires, demons, slaves, conspiracy and mind blowing sex all wrapped up and tied with a big, red, hot bow.  I can’t wait to read more from this imaginative author!


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