Phoenix Unrisen by Kathleen Nance
Romantic Suspense/Magic
ISBN: 978-0-505-52703-5
Reviewed by Barb




Natalie Severin has a style all her own. She writes the stories no one else wants to write, the offbeat ones. She likes her job.  It helps her deal with the scandal attached to her husbandís death and her brotherís absence. Running into Ram Montgomery while on the job reminds her that he is all man. Sexually attractive, dangerous, full of secrets and is magically able to heal both himself and others. He makes her want him yet wary at the same time.

Ram Montgomery has power, both physical and magical. He feels the magic between Natalie and himself. He canít give Natalie the assurances she so desperately needs. But he has to try. For them, for himself, he has to try.

Together Natalie and Ram are trying to stop a ring of animal smugglers. They need to work together to accomplish their mission. Natalie needs to decide if she can handle Ramís magic. Can they succeed or will they lose themselves, to both to the smugglers and to their mutual attraction?

From the first page of Phoenix Unrisen, the reader is drawn into a wonderful tale suspense and magic. Ms. Nanceís attention to detail while maintaining a high level of action keeps the reader from putting down the book. She adds twists at the right intervals to keep the reader off balance and intrigued. I was left hoping that Kathleen Nance adds more books to her library using the well-drawn supporting characters in Phoenix Unrisen. I Joyfully Recommend this book highly.


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