Parallel Process by Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan
Loose Id
M/M Yaoi Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-551-7
Reviewed by Raine




Matt Gavin is a laid back guy who seems to always be running behind…parking tickets, class, life.....but is absolutely irresistible, at least to Haku. Haku is they very opposite, he always has clean clothes, something to eat and is generally ready for anything. For two years now, they have been lovers. Haku has been in love with Matt the entire time, but he’s just not sure if Matt returns the love or if it’s just the mind-blowing sex they have.

Matt and Haku are part of a paranormal study research program and TA’s at Santa Monica State University under a slightly eccentric Professor Adler. When the professor’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of a devil god, Mayaa, Matt and Haku somehow end up in the middle. Haku, against his will, is physically attracted to the Mayaa, and some of the forms Maaya takes make it tough to resist him. Haku must rely on their research and instinct to figure out how to handle Mayaa, hold onto his lover and with Matt, find a way to save the professor before someone gets hurt!

Anne Cain and Barbara Sheridan‘s Parallel Process is fast paced, heated, and absolutely thrilling! Matt and Haku completely stole my heart! This novel will enchant you. It seems to draw you in until you become emotionally entangled with the characters and their feelings. I highly recommend this book, if you delight in the paranormal and are a romantic at heart, I believe you’ll love this novel!


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