One Naughty Winter Night by Ruth D. Kerce
Winter Studs Trilogy
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-4199-0626-7
Reviewed by Tanya




Kyle Winter has a dilemma.  He has been in love with his best friend forever.  But, Kayla doesn’t know and he is afraid of losing their friendship if she finds out.  When he is invited to spend the time before heading home for Christmas with her, he decides to bring her the tree she will never buy herself.

Kayla Robard has a dilemma; she is in love with her best friend. Has been forever, not that he has noticed.  She changed her body wash to vanilla scented when he mentioned he loved vanilla etc.  She even tried to decorate for Christmas, as she knows it is his favorite time of year, though with the death of her parents right before Christmas it is not hers.  Maybe this year she will send caution to the wind, and let him know how she feels.  But, he beats her to it.

Will Kayla appreciate his other desires also?  He likes a little BDSM and even a ménage with the correct person.

I loved One Naughty Winter Night.  I was thoroughly rooting for both characters to make the first move.  The author did a wonderful job of mixing together their friendship and how precious they each thought it was, along with their desires for each other.  Then there is the hot steaming sex.  One Naughty Winter Night has it all and is a great part of the Winter Studs Trilogy.  I recommend that you pick this story up, even if you don’t get the rest of the trilogy.


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