Making A Splash by Sean Michael
Going for the Gold, Book 3
Gay, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60370-152-5 (ebook), 1-60370-152-4 (paperback)
Reviewed by Raine




Vince Dawson, former Olympic diving trainer, discovers Austin Brody diving for bets and beers at the local city pool. Vince’s career ended three years ago in scandal. Finding Austin, the most talented self-taught diver he’s seen, Vince has a shot at coaching again. Now all Vince needs to do is convince Austin that he’s good enough to go professional and find sponsors who won’t want Austin to find a different coach. Dealing with Austin proves more difficult than with past divers. Vince is used to working with kids who are used to being told what to do, not men who are used to making their own decisions.

I just loved Austin in Making a Splash, he’s got this whole “I can do it myself”
attitude. With Vince being a few years older, he knows what needs to be done and getting Austin to go along is a struggle. Where these two men don’t see eye-to-eye on whom is in charge of the daily routine, when they hit the sheets or whatever’s closest… sparks fly! Sean Michael has written another scorcher, I highly recommend this book.


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