Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward
The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Book 5
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-451-22235-0
Reviewed by Annmarie



Vishous is both merciless and cold-blooded.  Shaped by his horrific upbringing to distance himself from emotion, he has no desire to love or be loved.   His only objective is to rid the world of Lessers.

Battling the Lessers, Vishous receives a potentially lethal injury leaving him unconscious, vulnerable and in the care of humans.  One human in particular.  Dr. Jane Whitcomb.

J.R. Ward dragged me kicking and screaming through a plethora of emotions.  And I am serious about the kicking and screaming part.  As I turned the last page of Lover Unbound, I was happy but surrounded by piles of crumpled tissues.  Even though my heart actually splintered into a thousand little pieces, I was glad I didnít give up because through it all. I adored Lover Unbound

Incredibly gifted authors can bring fiction to life and allow readers to experience previously unimaginable events.  J.R. Ward is one of these authors.  Donít miss a truly exceptional author and a truly phenomenal book.  In Lover Unbound, J.R. Ward dazzles!


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