Driven to Distraction by Ashleigh Raine
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-663-9
Reviewed by Indy




Heading home from a cancelled evening with her closest friend, Blaina Triton comes across a walking fantasy in need of help on the side of the road. Jay Williams immediately feels a heated connection to the sexy woman who, after a few minutes of knowing her, is following him home and into his bed. Finding out the next day his one night stand also happens to be a co-worker on the set of his latest gig turns Jay inside out. Unwilling to mix business with pleasure due to the dangers it poses, Jay will just ignore Blaina and stick to business. Easier said than done and soon libidos and lust take over when Blaina and Jay find themselves partaking in one explosive encounter to the next. The out of control flame threatening to destroy them is only part of the bond created out of shared likes and loves. If only Jay would acknowledge what is happening between them before itís too late and something special is lost forever.

Oh My!!!! Wow, who knew cars, grease and tools would practically give me heatstroke. Driven to Distraction is one sexual explosion after another starring just the kind of woman all women want to be. Confident, liberated and in touch with her personal wants and desires, Blaina not only lived life on the edge as a stunt double but her willingness to enjoy herself no matter where she was made her woman of the year in my book. Ashleigh Raine did an excellent job of creating a ferociously stimulating story but also gave what has to be one of the best love stories Iíve read this year. I can see this tale playing out any and everywhere. Two people, who love and respect each other to the fullest trying to work things out and get to the point where relationship issues take backseat to your need to be together, anything else, can be worked out as you go!


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