Dark Possession by Christine Feehan
A Dark Novel
Sensual Paranormal Romance
ISBN 0425217094
Reviewed by Nannette




Manolito De La Cruz is Carpathian. He has awakened in the rain forest surrounded by vampires and apparitions. He is in grave danger and senses his lifemate is near, but he doesn’t know who she is.

MaryAnn Delaney has come to the Del La Cruz home on the outskirts of the rain forest to counsel her friend Juliette’s sister Jasmine. Jasmine is the victim of a sexual attack and MaryAnn is a counselor for battered women. She is finding it difficult to help anyone though because she herself is falling apart. She witnessed Manolito’s death and is grieving and sinking into a depression that confuses her as much as it distresses her. She barely knew Manolito. Juliette and her lifemate Riordan, Manolito’s brother, sense that MaryAnn is connected to Manolito in some way so they take her into the jungle to try and find him.

Manolito is trapped in the spirit world. He doesn’t know who has trapped him or why and the danger is rapidly growing. While he and MaryAnn discover unfathomable things about her, it becomes evident that Manolito’s past has come back to haunt him.  

Dark Possession is a fascinating story. Its amazing imagery, thrilling battle scenes and intense sensuality are unparalleled. Manolito is an alpha male in every sense of the word and MaryAnn is stylish, strong, and independent; their joining is spectacular. Dark Possession’s magnificence lies in its incredible storyline and sensational characterization.  I was captivated and consumed from first page to last!


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