Breach of Protocol by Marie Carroll
Linden Bay Romance
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60202-067-2
Reviewed by Tanya




Ming is a gorgeous hard working Homeland Security Operative.  She is running one of the biggest operations of her life and will have to depend on the talents of some Army Major.  She will do what it takes to win for her country and that means working with Lee.  She can’t stand his ‘borderline harassment’ attitude and openly flamboyant personality.  But, when they start working she is drawn to how well he does his job.  Can she learn to trust this playboy with more than her life?

Major Lee Blackheart is an excellent Army Intelligence officer and what many in historical times would have called a rake.  He likes living life on the edge, having fun with women, Jack Daniel’s and for some unknown reason Karaoke.  Normally he is up for any challenge that is thrown at him.  He is drawn to Ming like he has been to no other, and it isn’t just that she keeps rebuking his advances.  Will she ever believe that this one part of him might be able to change for the right woman, her?  Or will she destroy their trust with her desire to always win.

Breach of Protocol is an intrigue spy and dagger story set around current events in today’s world.  It actually has the Department of Homeland Security working with the Department of Defense.  Add to this the chemistry between the two main characters and you get an explosive tale.  The author does a wonderful job with not only the intrigue but the antics of Lee, who may never fully grow up.  If you like a fast paced suspenseful romance with lots of laughter then Breach of Protocol is for you, and highly recommended by me.  I look forward to Ms. Carroll’s next story.


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