Bona Fide Liar by Red Garnier
Torrid Tarot, Book of Wands
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419911873
Reviewed by Indy




Carly Sanders is positive self defense will work if she hires someone to kill her nemesis Alexander Callahan, the creative genius at Yoodle who is as arrogant as he is innovative. Overhearing him tell all sort of lies about what a vixen she is in bed, Carly immediately lets her temper take hold. Determined to get him back, she comes up with a “little” office rumor of her own as well as a night of revenge worthy of such a class A jerk. Alex has wanted Carly it seems, like forever. Too bad he’s been too chicken to make the first move. He isn’t above taking drastic measures if it will help keep the office hounds away from what he considers his. Things are finally looking up when he receives an unexpected invitation that reeks of pleasure; too bad Carly has something else in mind.

Just when I was wondering if maybe I was totally suckered in by a beginner’s lucky streak of good stories, Bona Fide Liar has sealed the coffin shut. Red Garnier is the truth, the real deal and everything great when it comes to hot and heavy romance. In her latest gem, two clueless coworkers who do more thinking than implementing the various fantasies rolling around in their heads come together for an evening of rapture. Carly and Alex are the epitome of the everyday cubicle living worker of the new millennium. Great at their jobs, but a little slow on the uptake when it comes to relationships of the heart. This is a fantastic story if you want to laugh and pant all in one fell swoop. I am so hooked on Ms. Garnier and her ability to create stories that speak to my deepest fantasies; I can’t wait to see what freaky escapades she comes up with next.


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