Wed Him Before You Bed Him by Sabrina Jeffries

School for Heiresses Series, Book 6



ISBN: 978-1416560821

Reviewed by Shayna



Eighteen years ago, Charlotte Page made a rash decision that erupted into an enormous scandal and wrecked the life of a young man.  In the aftermath, the heiress eloped with soldier Jimmy Harris.  Before his death, Charlotte’s husband ran through her fortune, leaving the young widow penniless and teaching at a school instead of fulfilling her dream to run her own.  Then a golden opportunity fell into Charlotte’s lap when the mysterious “Cousin Michael” came to her aid.  Claiming to be a relative of her late husband’s Cousin Michael helped Charlotte build Mrs. Harris’s School for Young Ladies, his only condition being she never try to learn his true identity. 

What Charlotte doesn’t know is that Cousin Michael is the man she wronged and that his aid began as part of an elaborate plot for revenge.  Yet his act of vengeance soon became a labor of love for her mysterious benefactor.  Now Charlotte’s school is in trouble and she needs Cousin Michael’s help.  But to aid her, the man behind the letters needs to help her as his real self, without revealing his secret identity.  As old love renews itself, Cousin Michael knows that his chances of hiding his secrets are slim.  The question is, can love survive when its foundation is steeped in mistakes and deceit? 

Sabrina Jeffries blends passion, deception, intrigue, and, best of all, a love that has never died in this phenomenal conclusion to her School for Heiresses series.  Wed Him Before You Bed Him is everything I ever could have wanted for Charlotte and “Cousin Michael.”  I loved seeing the intelligent, unflappable Mrs. Harris both as a bright young woman and the heroine I’ve adored throughout the series.  As for Cousin Michael…ah, dear readers, you didn’t think I’d reveal his identity, did you?  I won’t give away the mystery, but I will say that he definitely lived up to the anticipation built around his character.  I fell for him as quickly as Charlotte did, and both of them were absolutely perfect for one another.  It’s near impossible for me to pick a favorite couple, or book for that matter, of Ms. Jeffries’s, but Wed Him Before You Bed Him and its two endearing protagonists are definitely in both categories. 

Though Wed Him Before You Bed Him is the final book in the School for Heiresses series, the book can be read on its own.  However, some of my excitement stemmed from the reading the culmination of the Charlotte/Cousin Michael mystery, so for that reason I recommend beginning this series from the beginning with Never Seduce a Scoundrel.  Still, taking Wed Him Before You Bed Him on its own, it’s a fantastic book that is sexy, heartwarming, and impossible to put down.  A stunning conclusion to an engaging series, Wed Him Before You Bed Him is not to be missed!


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