Spider-Touched by Jory Strong

Ghostland series, Book 2

Berkley Publishing Group


ISBN: 978-0-425-22793-0

Reviewed by Lisa



The world as they once knew it is no more.  In this post-apocalyptic time the humans attempt to cope with their new destiny as supernaturalís take the helm.  The vampires now lead while the Were population struggles for their own dominancy.  The lines are clearly drawn, each group knows exactly where they stand or lie. 

For so long he has been at the mercy of humans, hidden away from the world, unable to escape Ė even death has been denied him.  The collar around his neck has stripped him of his gifts; his memories are only a shadow in his mind.  The one thing he knows for sure is that his name is Tir. 

A childhood of misery and cruelty fashioned Arana into a frightened, bitter girl.  Escape to salvation however, in the form of pirates Erik and Matthew, taught Arana that some kindnesses still exists. 

Arriving in Oakland to seek out a healer, Arana knows that her life is about to radically change once more.  Tir has vowed to never trust a human yet it is a human who comes to his aid when heís taken to Oakland by his current owner.  To complicate matters, an indescribable spark of passion rages between Arana and Tir from the moment they meet.  Vows made in the past should set them apart forever but donít.  Fighting against fate is a fruitless endeavor some would say yet Tir and Arana have no choice or do they? 

From the first page to the last, Spider-Touched is a red hot thrill ride!  Fans of paranormal, urban fantasy and romance will love Tir and cherish Arana for their strength of character as well as the secondary characters who breathe life and passion into Spider-Touched.   Multi-talented author Jory Strong once again writes an original in this brutal, meticulously crafted, fascinating future tale. Motivations are clear, the sensual eroticism between Arana and Tir literally scorches the pages from the moment they see one another.  Make sure Spider-Touched is at the top of your to be read list! 


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