Longfellow Seduced by Violet Summers

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-988-1

Reviewed by Shayna



Magnus Crowe loves all women…well, all women that aren’t Longfellow women.  The rock star vampire has no use for those petulant princesses that call themselves “protectors of humanity.”  Until he and his partner Silas discover someone is stealing millions from their club, that is.  Then Magnus has to eat crow and suffer a Longfellow woman in his club.  But forensic accountant Prudence Longfellow isn’t at all what he expected. 

Prudence Longfellow comes from a long line of female warriors, so it’s no surprise she doesn’t like Magnus calling her “little mouse.”  The Scottish vampire is an arrogant, slutty, irritating, oaf and Pru doesn’t like dealing with him in the least.  Now, if only her libido would get in line with her assessment. 

Both Pru and Magnus are about to find out that sometimes you find love where you least expect – or want – it.  But even if desire overcomes their need to argue with one another, the road to happily ever isn’t smooth.  Magnus’ creator has reappeared in his life, determined to have Magnus back at any cost. 

Longfellow Seduced is one of the hottest, best, most entertaining vampire romances I’ve read this year.  Violet Summers has created an intriguing world filled with fascinating characters I loved and hope to read more about.  Magnus is, to borrow a phrase, “sex on a stick.”  He’s got an innate sensuality which practically comes off the page and definitely made me wish I were Pru.  He also melted my heart with his protectiveness, caring, and surprising gentleness.  Magnus isn’t perfect, in fact, he can be every bit as oafish as Pru claims, but he’s perfect hero material in his imperfectness.  When his arrogance gets to high, Pru is there to knock it back down.  Pru’s a fitting mate for a warrior vampire; she stands her ground and isn’t cowed by anyone or anything.  I flat-out adored her and couldn’t wait for she and Magnus to fight and [fill in the blank] their way to happily ever after. 

Longfellow Seduced has everything you could want in a tale.  It’s sure to make you smile, sigh, and even sweat.  The authors that make up the writing team that is Violet Summers are some of the best at creating captivating characters and delicious love scenes.  I enjoyed every page of Longfellow Seduced and hope this book leads into a series, for there are so many characters whose story I would love to read (Trinity and Silas, to name a few).  All in all, the best I can say is that Violet Summers has delivered yet another phenomenal book.  Joyfully Recommended!


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