Twenty-one authors came together for a good cause- to help fund opposition to California Proposition 8, which eliminates the right of same-sex couples to legally marry. The courts have made their decision but the fight is not over. The proceeds from the sales of I Do! will be donated to the continuing fight for marriage equality for everyone.  

From sweet to scorching, fairy tale to historical to contemporary, male/male and female/female love stories, I Do! Is the best collection of same sex love stories I’ve come across in a while. Each story is unique and will appeal to different people. I got reacquainted with authors I know and met a few new ones as well.

My favorite stories were the bright, happy ones but those that touched me more deeply were the ones that hit me in the heart.

“The Lindorm’s Twin” by Tracey Pennington confused me at first and I wasn’t sure how I would like it. The more I read, though, the better I liked it. This twist on The Six Swans gives the youngest brother a happy ending.


“Desire and Disguise” by Alex Beecroft was one of my least favorite stories, probably because it was not so upbeat. It pointed to the heart of the matter, though. How unfair is it that some people are not allowed to have what others can?

I found myself smiling when I got to the end of “The Roaming Heart” by Charlie Cochrane because of the heroes. The two of them were so willing to put on a public face so they could be together in private.


“Wedding Announcement” by Lee Rowan was one of my favorites because I truly hope that one day no one will be prevented from marrying the person they love and want to spend the rest of their lives with.


But my absolute favorite of the entire anthology was “Outed” by Clare London.

I love Auntie Queenie. Happily Ever After is all that matters for her, no matter who it is. Clare London has done it again. I just had to grin.  

While these particular stories stood out for me, all of the stories in I Do! are gripping and so emotionally charged that you can’t wait to read the next one. I Joyfully Recommend I Do!


“The Lindorm’s Twin” by Tracey Pennington

A prince falls in love with a disfigured young man. A fairy tale with a Happily Ever After, just as it should be.


“Desire and Disguise” by Alex Beecroft

An error in perception leads to understanding for two men who want the same thing.


“The Roaming Heart” by Charlie Cochrane

A love triangle is cover for the real love scenes going on behind the scenes.


“Outed” by Clare London

In the middle of her 80th birthday celebration, Auntie Queenie not only outs her nephew but gives him her wholehearted approval.


“Lust in Translation” by Storm Grant

Off duty policeman Tyler Cage, picks up a young man wandering in a downpour and takes him home, against his better judgement. Misconception makes happily ever after seem like a long shot.


“Making Memory” by Liasbet Sarai

A blowout leads Nicole Stewart to Maggie Benson. These two lonely women make memories to ease their sorrows.


“Swan Song” by Sharon Marie Bidwell

Richard met Neil three months after Gloria died. She had told Richard to be happy and find what he really needs. It’s time to redecorate and make a life for him and Neil.


“Finally Forever “ by Jeanne Barrack

Finally moving to Boston. Finally making wedding plans. Finally together forever.


“Code of Honor” by Marqusate

In the French Foreign Legion, twenty year old Joe is taken seriously for the first time in his life. And finally faces the secret he is trying to run from.


“Tango and Temptation” by ZA Maxfield

Gabriel Aimar’s Tango Master persona brings him lots of clients. One client makes his heart sing but is off limits. Or is he?


“The Mistake” by P.A. Brown

The only reason Rusty even considered picking up a trick was hunger. The encounter seemed to be one big mistake.


“Holy Macaroni (and Cheese)” by Allison Wonderland

The wedding picture was taken when they were in first grade. The love has lasted and lasted and lasted.


“The Snow Queen” by Erastes

As a child Josh had talked to the Snow Queen. She’d always listened and now his grief is pushing him to talk to her again. Josh’s frozen heart is not ready for a new love.


“Better than Beautiful” by Zoe Nichols and Cassidy Ryan

In two months when Charlotte retires, Charlotte and Becca can be together openly. They won’t have to hide from the public because of Charlotte’s image. But Charlotte is afraid that she will be nothing without her job. Becca makes her understand she is so much more than her job.


“Semi-detached” by Emma Collingwood

James wants a home and he wants to make it with Thomas. But Thomas is having issues with his sexuality. James is not sure how they will work it out until Thomas starts talking about knocking walls out.


“Rules of the Game” by Mallory Path

Noah has never bottomed for Charlie and it bothers him. So Charlie talks Noah into a game where they are both winners.


“Templeton’s in Love” by Jerry L. Wheeler

Tom and Stan had been a couple when Templeton stopped playing. That was ten years ago. Templeton is playing again—for one final performance. Now Tom and Stan understand that sometimes you have to go back to go forward.


“True Love” by Moondancer Drake

Shona and Kai have a son. But legally Shona has no rights. Kai is Jae’s mother and Alan is his father. Shona knows that so much has changed in her lifetime, what might change in Jae’s?


“Salad Days” by Fiona Glass

Tim and Jake are together now and Tim is really tired of hearing about Jake’s ex.


“Wedding Announcement” by Lee Rowan

Today is John and Kevin’s wedding day. Kevin finally calls his dad to tell him, even knowing how the man will react. And despite that reaction Kevin is ready to make his commitment to John. Today they will be married.


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