Dimitri's Moon by Aliyah Burke

The Megalodon Team

Lulu Publishing


ISBN: 978-0-557-07619-2

Reviewed by Nellie



Ilanderae “Landi” Nycks, an American, was in the midst of a hostile situation in Greece, and the animosity was directed towards any foreigner. She was on the verge of being trampled to death when a dashing gentleman came to her rescue and provided a safe haven from the havoc and hostile looks. This ultimately led Landi to the man who had broken her heart by walking away without a word on the day that was supposed to be the happiest in their lives. 

Dimitri “Merlin” Melonakos had made some questionable decisions in his life, and the biggest was leaving without a word to the woman he had given his heart to. An unexpected meeting with the love of his life was the second chance Dimitri needed.  He would finally have a chance to face and conquer the regrets that had plagued him. The biggest hurdle now was to convince Landi that he would treasure and never break her heart again. 

Ms. Burke has done it again. Dimitri's Moon is another heartwarming, adventurous and passion-filled journey in the Megalodon Series. The main characters were able to transcend the ashes of the past to find their love and build a relationship that is not only stronger, but indestructible. Another well-crafted master piece and a page turner from beginning to end with scenes that kept me riveted and eagerly anticipating the next step.


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