Dating Outside Your DNA by Karen Kelley



ISBN: 978-0-7582-2576-4

Reviewed by Jo



Roan Hendrix is a special agent who was injured on the job.  Roan knows that he is more than ready to go back on duty, however he is having trouble convincing his boss.  He wants to be back on an active team not just training people who may not ever become a special agent.  When given a deal, train a half Nerakian/half human woman, one on one and be allowed to go active again.  Roan knows there must be a catch and believes he finds it when she walks in and blows him away with her beauty. 

Lyraka has lived her life both sheltered and in the land inbetween.  Not enough human to fit in there totally or enough Nerakian to feel like that is where she belongs.  Lyraka has wanted to become a special agent for as long as she can remember and now is her best chance.  Lyraka may not be a warrior yet but she does have some very special talents that can help out a team if she can just make it through her training.  After seeing her new trainer – Lyraka is not sure if she will. 

Both Roan and Lyraka are trying to combat their increasing passion for each other while the training goes on.  Passion defeats them but after their first night, determination is set even higher – the question is whose determination will be stronger.  Strange happenings brings the entire team together early and the danger for Lyraka and Roan is ramped up, but will a rookie team be ready to work together to save their own when it really matters? 

Two warriors find out that in the battle of love, everyone wins.  Dating Outside Your DNA brought me to attention from the first page until the end.  Roan has healed from his injuries and just needs his boss to give the okay for him to get back into the field.  Just what is it going to take?  Lyraka knows she is different from everyone and that includes her human and Nerakian halves. She has never felt a part of anything.  I wasn’t surprised when Roan and Lyraka had to give in to their passion but I was amazed at how they tried to push something that hot behind their training mission.  Not surprisingly it couldn’t be totally done and became much more than just sparking passion quickly.  I loved how they seem to be on the same wavelength towards the end when it really mattered.  While there were several things coming together at the end, it was never overwhelming and just proved how well Ms. Kelley written her book.  I had to smile when the elders realized just how a planet of women was going to have to change to face the future that was headed their way.   Dating Outside Your DNA takes a hot and passionate love intergalactic and makes the universe a safer place to be at the same time. The gripping plot and characters make Dating Outside Your DNA a Joyfully Recommended book for me.


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