The Forest Whispers by Lyssa Hart
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Sci-Fi
ISBN: 1-58608-526-3
Reviewed by Patrice F.




Confederation Ranger Lana Eloy is not pleased that her manhunt has led her to Ata Prime, a backwards planet overrun with testosterone ridden barbarians who regard women as weak and inferior.  She’s not about to let chauvinism keep her from bringing in Sadin Quyz, a brutal serial killer that’s butchered countless victims across the galaxy.  When the ruler of Ata Prime assigns his Captain of the Royal Guard, Corin Thantos, to assist Lana in tracking down Quyz, she’s determined to ditch him as quickly as possible and do things her way.   Corin isn’t that easy to get rid of, and before she can blink, he’s gotten under her skin and into other places, too.  Lana finds out that she’s not quite immune to his kind of “persuasion.”

I enjoyed everything about The Forest Whispers so much I had to recommend it.  I liked the cover, it matched the story.  I was intrigued by the title, which has a creative explanation.  The sex was mega hot.  The hero was a delish keeper.  And the heroine was so assertive and tough, she put the T in “Take you down”.  

The villain was so vile he gave me the shivers, which means the author did a bang up job in his development.   I couldn’t help but respect and admire Lana for going after the sicko.   I also appreciated that she and Corin made a formidable and relentless pair and not just in the sack.

The only thing I didn’t like about The Forest Whispers was that it ended. 

I kept turning pages until I was forced to accept it was over.  Sometimes a story goes down like your favorite dessert.  You can’t stand to eat that last bite but you savor it, aware that there’s more on the horizon.  I can’t wait to see what Lyssa Hart whips up next.   Her writing is edgy and downright yummy, a perfect combo.


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