The Darkest Touch by Jaci Burton
Demon Hunters, Book 3
Bantam Dell
ISBN: 9780440244547
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Angelique Deveraux is an archaeologist on the run. Having uncovered a black diamond, she knows that because of this find, she is in danger.  How much danger has yet to be seen but if the arrival of Ryder is any indication, Angie might just be in a bit more trouble than she imagined. 

Demon hunter Ryder scoffs at his legendary status but knows that he is the best man for the job of recovering an important artifact.  The fact that he will be on the run with Angelique Deveraux is just icing on the cake.  Ryder has a mission and failure is not an option.  He doesnít realize the biggest and most important mission of his life will soon be Angelique Deveraux.  When a demonic war ignites Ryder and Angie get more than they bargain for but in the end, they canít imagine living without it Ė the love of a lifetime.

Three times is the charm with Jaci Burtonís The Darkest Touch.  I melted into a wet pile of goo at the arrival of Ryder and never fully recovered.  A demon hunter who is in high demand, I like how Ryder didnít forget the fact that Angie was a woman and as such, he still had an air of respect for her, even when kissing her socks off.  Their flight from the demons intent on capturing Angie and Ryderís original mission interfered some but I think that Jaci Burton captured the true essence of Ryder and Angieís characterizations. Both were scared to trust and as such, both were wary. I loved watching the barriers come down and their love unfold!

Jaci Burtonís writing continues to evolve and as such, she is one of my favorite writers.  Books like The Darkest Touch reiterate her fine writing ability as well as her capacity to insert emotions and realistic characteristics into each of her novels.  My favorite Demon Hunter installment to date, I Joyfully Recommend The Darkest Touch Ė it is a do-not-miss kind of read!


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