Talk of the Town by Karen Hawkins
Pocket Book Romance
ISBN: 9781416560227
Reviewer: Niki Lee




Roxie Treymayne is devastated by a divorce after finding out her husband was cheating on her, so she decides to change things up.  She dyes her dark hair blonde, gets a tattoo and begins wearing more provocative clothes.  She plans to head to Paris when her brother tells her their mother is ill and needs their help.

Bringing her eccentric maid, Tundy, with her, they head back to their hometown of Glory, North Carolina.  While caring for her mother, she gets involved with a group of people from the assisted living center in town.  Obsessed with CSI, they get excited when it seems there might be a mystery afoot.

Also in town is her first love, Sherrif Nick Sheppard.  Beautiful and causing her to feel the passion she thought was lost, Nick sends mixed signals as he deals with his past.  He isnít sure he can handle someone so obviously wild and untamed; however, he canít keep away from her.

Talk of the Town is a funny, very readable romp.  The characters are all well drawn; the story takes turns at unexpected places.  Every word serves a purpose; there are no wasted paragraphs.  I loved Roxie and her desire to change herself.  Nick is a fascinating character.  And the comic relief (the maid and the older folks) is well placed and well timed.  I definitely Joyfully Recommend Talk of the Town.


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