Star Attraction by Jamie Craig
Amber Quill Ė Allure
Nostalgic Contemporary M/M
ISBN: 978-1-60272-354-2
Reviewed by Lisa




Up and coming new star, Sam Coles is really excited with his latest acting project.  Sam feels that it could be his best part yet and canít wait to get started.  However, when Sam finds out that his co-star is Elijah McKinley he begins to doubt whether he will make it through the whole shoot without blowing his cover and letting his career breaking secret out.

Elijah figures with any luck, this role might just put him on the map with.  Of course it doesnít hurt that heís acting opposite that luscious hunk, Sam Coles.  Elijah feels that as long as he plays it cool and steady nobody will realize his preferences.

Maybe things will be better in the future but right now itís 1955 and gay men donít play leading heterosexual men on film and have millions of adoring fans.  Sam and Elijah walk on eggshells while on the set hoping that nobody sees their interest in each other.  They need to keep quiet or ruin their careers, forever.

Star Attraction by multi-talented author Jamie Craig is another seductive hit.  Setting the story in 1955 gives Star Attraction a unique flavor while pulling readers back to the time when there was little to no tolerance for gays.  Sam and Elijah are heartthrob material who happen to love the wrong person according to their peers.  Star Attraction unfolds and tells the story with sensitivity and some very hot sexual encounters.  Itís my pleasure to Joyfully Recommend Star Attraction!


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